Cellar Tapes

Recording Studio

Established in 2015 and located right in the heart of Bristol (UK), I built Cellar Tapes Recording Studio in the underground cells of the historic former police station. The space remains unique in the city and loved for its inspiring atmosphere. I fitted-out the space - sound treatment, interior walls, furnishings and technical equipment - and designed the brand communications to reflect the heritage of the space and the consumer tastes of the target demographic.

I consulted with potential clients, local musicians, and engaged a professional web designer to assist me with the website and overall concept. The business serves the needs of the local music community and under my management, also developed a remote audio services customer base. I marketed the business after two years and managed the successful sale in 2017. The business was entirely self-funded with a small starting capital and made use of upcycled materials where possible.

More recordings can be heard on my producer page.