Architecture & Construction

Passivhaus Build

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During my childhood, we moved countries three times and by age thirteen we moved into our thirteenth family home. During high school I applied for work experience at a local architecture firm, and as soon as I was in a position to, I renovated my first property (age 21).

In between jobs in Melbourne, I took a casual reno job, fixing up the typical wooden houses in the city. After returning to the UK I decided to invest a year of my life working with a professional eco-construction company (Greenheart, Bristol). They took me on as a carpenter and during the next 12 months I gained an intensive boot-camp experience of life on a modern building site. The projects were great - a combination of traditional carpentry and modern technology combined to provide low-impact, heatlhy spaces to live, work and play.

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Recording Studio Build

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I achieved a first class honours bachelors degree in Creative Music Technology in 2014 from Falmouth University. My dissertation focused on my experiences of the local music scene in Montréal's Mile End with regard to spaces for enabling artists. After graduating, I wrote a business plan to setup a local music studio to serve local musicians, and was lucky enough to find a space in the centre of Bristol - famous for acts like Massive Attack and Portishead.

I made good use of my carpentry skills and fitted out a project recording studio which quckly became successful. More information can be found on my studio page.

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More recordings made at this studio can be heard on my producer page.